Mosquito Net Machines

G 408 PE Ripping Machine

studied and designed to rip the strip from aluminium profiles.

Simple functioning, completely secured, electric power.

A couple of rolls pulls the rip inside the machine and a second couple of rolls (one of which is provided of a hardened steel knife) cut the rip in 10 cm long pieces.

These pieces drop in the lower part of the structure, where they can be removed at the end of the process.

A second device, installed on the side of the machine, rips another strip, pushing it inside the profile.

In a second step, the rip will be manually removed from the aluminium profile.

Electric Power

380/400 Volt – 50/60 Hz

Installed Power

2 hp

Rpm of electric motor

1450 rpm

Rpm of Rolls

156.7 rpm


500 x 850 h= 1050 mm


110 kg

Processed material

Aluminium Profiles

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